Newsletter – May

U3A Groups

Some of our U3A groups are keeping going, communicating via phone, email, WhatsApp, or Zoom. The groups are: –

·         Art Appreciation

·         Book Club,

·         Creative Writing,

·         Current Affairs,

·         Drawing

·         French (Intermediate)

·         Gardening

·         German (Beginners)

·         Local History

·         Pilates

·         Poetry in Action,

·         Practical Philosophy

·         Ukulele

·         Walking


Art Appreciation are sharing ideas and suggestions for some of the many exhibitions and galleries which are now available to view online.

Book Club – have been meeting using Zoom to discuss the books they have been reading. Next meeting – 12th May.

Current Affairs – have also been using Zoom to meet; in their last meeting, not surprisingly, they discussed the Coronavirus crisis. Next meeting is on 29th May, topic to be decided

Creative Writing – exchanging their stories by email.

Drawing Group have enjoyed master classes in painting, as well as sharing some of their own works using Zoom.

Gardening are exchanging tips and pictures using WhatsApp.

Local History – the members are researching stories about Slough, ready to share when we are about to meet again.

Pilates Group have been participating enthusiastically in live Pilates sessions on Facebook, organised and hosted by Active Slough.

Poetry in Action explores the whole world of poetry – performing, composing, and just enjoying the medium. On 19th of May we will take a peek at Victorian poetry, and we have been tasked to compose something humorous to share.

Practical Philosophy – aims to discuss moral and ethical issues which are relevant to our lives. The next meeting, on 8th May, will discuss some of the ethical questions posed by the coronavirus crisis.

Walking Group unfortunately can’t walk together, but we can walk individually! We’ve been sharing routes for walking near Slough, as well as some lovely photos taken while we were out and about.

If you’d like to join one of these groups, or to find out more about any of them, email or phone Bob on 07903 021 711. Slough U3A are open to non-members who may participate in “taster” sessions before they decide whether or not to become members of the U3A.

Ways to help

Take 1-min to report your health daily, even if you are well. The COVID Symptom Tracker app has been developed by King’s College London and health science company ZOE, and it is endorsed by the Welsh Government, NHS Wales, the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland. More than 2.5 million participants have downloaded the app and are using it to regularly report on their health in order to help stop COVID. Find out more here

Keep in touch

Slough Talking Newspaper has gone online – you can listen to an update of local news every week by clicking here. If you have a smartphone, download the app from

Widen your horizons

National Garden Scheme

image001Angela and Graham O’Connell, Assistant County Organisers, Berkshire National Garden Scheme, write: –

In the current Coronavirus crisis, when our beautiful gardens are closed, the National Garden Scheme and its garden owners are working to bring the gardens to life for you with virtual garden visits, gardening tips and great stories.

In Berkshire we have a super video tour of The Old Rectory, Farnborough. The owners have been opening ‘virtuously’ for an amazing 50 years but this is the first time they have opened ‘virtually’. Well done to them! To see their delightful garden, and it really is full of delights, just click here:

Our own modest plot is not quite on the same scale but it still gives us immense joy. So we too have filmed our garden, Oakleigh, just over the border into Surrey and you can see it here:

Keep Fit

The 2.6 Mayathon Challenge

The Mayathon challenge – To complete an unbroken streak of 26 minutes of exercise a day for 26 days, virtually with a friend, family or colleague. It can be any activity and any intensity – it’s not about how far or how fast. The aim is be active, stay well and support a friend while we’re at home. The number 26 is because it’s the number of miles in a marathon – it’s our own version. Find out more here

Learn Bhangra Dance

Apna Virsa Slough have been receiving many requests from previous participants and new people on social media to start a slow paced Bhangra dance class. So here it is.

Every Thursday, from 11am-11.30am they are running a Facebook live Bhangra class which also includes an option to join in while seated. They are trying to encourage as many people as they can to stay active while having fun and listening to music. Try it here –

U3A national initiatives

The Third Age Trust is the umbrella organisation which coordinates all U3A groups in the UK. The staff are working hard to support the movement, and they have come up with lots of great ideas.

There is of course the national Newsletter – if you aren’t already receiving it, go to the U3A website – – where you can register to receive future editions and also read back copies.

And on the Learning page there are competitions, quizzes, exercise routines, photographs – and the ideas just keep coming, so check back regularly and see what is new.

Try out the brilliant U3A Facebook group – Not everyone is comfortable with Facebook, but this is a good time to find out about the positive aspects of social media!  Keeping in Touch is a private group, open to U3A members only, and is a lively mix of good advice, ideas, photos, jokes, and general support for one other.