Activity Groups

November 2020

Almost all of our groups are active during the COVID-19 lockdown. All groups are strictly complying with COVID-19 rules.

Art Appreciation are alert to opportunities for visiting exhibitions and artworks. In September we visited the “Young Rembrandt” exhibition at the Ashmolean in Oxford; we’re hoping to the Stanley Spencer Gallery next.

Book Club –have been meeting in gardens through summer, now meeting via Zoom. We’ve just finished “Winter” by Ali Smith, and about to embark on Orwell’s “The Clergyman’s Daughter”

Bridge for Fun – Temporarily suspended. Some members are playing online; others were able to meet in gardens during summer.

Current Affairs – in meeting via Zoom.  We discussed the Black Lives Matter issue, including future of slave trader monuments, accurate teaching of history, ancient and modern slavery.  As usual we moved off topic and eventually ended up with C****.

Create & Craft Temporarily suspended. In October we had restarted meeting in St Andrew’s Church Hall, with careful attention to COVID rules. Wee hope to be able to resume in December.

Creative Writing – Creative writing have done a number of tasks and have been meeting up in people’s gardens; or twice in the garden of the Red Cow pub! We’re corresponding by email during the lockdown.

Our Drawing Groups  have been running outdoor sessions in August and September in a variety of locations – Herschel Park, members’ gardens, Salt Hill Park, St. Mary’s Churchyard and back to Herschel. Now moved to meeting via Zoom.

The French Group has enjoyed the summer months chatting in the garden but is now contemplating a different way of meeting, on Zoom. We chat, learn a bit about France, take part in sketches and check up on rusty grammar and vocabulary. Now meeting via Zoom.

We are very enthusiastic!

The Beginner’s German group have been meeting fortnightly on Zoom. We are following several different German courses in order to give ourselves plenty of practice at each level. Each week we do a little research into Germany and its culture, led by one of the group.

Gardening Group are exchanging tips and pictures using WhatsApp.

Outings Committee arranges coach trips to places of interest. There was only one opportunity during 2020 – a group visit to a National Garden Scheme garden near Maidenhead; members drove their own cars.

Pilates Group have been participating enthusiastically in live Pilates sessions on Facebook, organised and hosted by Active Slough.

Practical Philosophy – In September we were very happy to meet face to face and socially distanced in the lovely garden of one of our number. So refreshing after months of zoom! In recent sessions we have had some lively discussions on such topics as ‘What percentage of your life do you feel truly alive?’ and Society, Laws and Rules. None of us profess to being a ‘Philosopher’ yet all of us enjoy sharing our thoughts and exchanging views – Practical philosophers.

If the coming months don’t allow for us to meet outside again, we will be philosophical about it…… and zoom.

Play Reading – An opportunity to step out of yourself and become immersed in a dramatic role. We have enjoyed reading plays on line, the latest being a murder mystery called “Your Number’s Up!”. We’ve now started on “Family Circles” by Alan Ayckbourn.

Poetry in Action aims to explore all types of poetry, to discover as much as possible about the poets and to show that some poetry can be expressed physically.  We are now doing T.S Eliot’s Jellicle Cats, with Zoom restricted actions.  We have explored The Romantics, Victorian poetry and poetry from childhood, and our next project is Nursey Rhymes.  Group members are encouraged to choose a theme for each meeting and the latest choice is Humour.  Poetry in Action meets monthly and our next meeting is the 17th November.

Ukulele. – We meet up every two weeks to sing and strum and, because the ukulele is an easy to learn instrument, with lots of songs only needing 2 or 3 chords, beginners are able to join in pretty quickly. Members sometimes suggest their favourite songs for us to play, and it’s been great discovering new music that we may not have come across  before.

We have managed to continue our sessions using zoom, with everyone taking it in turns to play and sing, and the others on mute. Challenging but fun, and everyone is very positive and encouraging! Once a month a music teacher gives us all a lesson on how to improve our playing by using different strumming and picking techniques.

Walking Group Temporarily suspended. During October we were able to walk together, every Wednesday afternoon. Click here for details of the program

Closed due to COVID-19

General Meeting

Open to non-members. We have a talk about a topic of general interest for about 45 minutes followed by refreshments and a chance to socialise.

Scrabble Groups 1 & 2

If you like words, have a sense of fun, want to enjoy a good game and good company, and keep your brains active – come along and join us!

Wine Appreciation

Providing opportunities for learning about grapes, wines, regions, countries and methods of production, gaining confidence in buying and ordering wines, knowing what to drink with what and when