Drawing Group

Updated 01 August 2020

Our Drawing Groups meet once every two weeks, usually in a hired hall. During COVID, the two groups have merged; these days, meetings are either in a park or garden when weather permits, or online if the weather is poor.

Very few of the group had any experience with drawing or painting before they joined us; we provide a welcoming environment for novices to experiment and find their preferred medium and style.

We have explored a number of media – sketching, pencil, watercolour, and acrylic. We have tried our hand at drawing landscapes, portraits, abstract shapes, and still life. We’ve proudly displayed our work to other U3A members, and in Slough Town Centre.

In March, we decided to try drawing some of the faces who appear frequently in the No 10 press briefings; the most popular turned out to be Chris Whitty. As a result, here’s our “Whitty Wall” (click on the picture for the high definition version)

Click here for high definition
Our portraits of Chris Whitty – click for a high definition view.